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About 'Malcy'

Mission - I aim to provide a top quality service at a reasonable cost to all my clients

The Artist

Malcolm Cleverley

E-mail: malcycee@yahoo.co.uk


I have drawn and sketched pretty much all my life but never had any formalised training in art other than the usual school poster paints and play dough type stuff!! I did take a break though, for the 15 years I spent in the Third Royal Tank Regiment ending my time as an NCO Chieftain Main Battle Tank Commander. You may choose to read about that in my book 'Armoured Farmer - A Tankie's tale' if you wish. It's still available from woodfield publishing and, I'm pleased to say, has had some really good reviews.



Canada 1985 - Myself as commander discussing night firing as the sun sets!
Chieftain Tank Commander - Easily 'The Best Job I Ever Had'!


Anyway back to sketching.............after leaving the Army I again started to pick up my pencils and combining my knowledge of Tanking with pencil sketching led me to create some finely detailed sketches admired by my friends. In 2007 I sketched my first larger piece of work titled 'Lull before the storm'. This commemorates the first successful Tank action on 20th November 1917 at Cambrai in France. The original sketch of this work now hangs in Regimental Headquarters of The Royal Tank Regiment at Bovington in Dorset.

I posted this picture on a website and my pals liked it so much I created a limited edition print to meet the demand. No longer available as a print this picture really spawned what is today 'Malcyart'.


'Why are my sketches popular'?..... I talk regularly with my clients and the feedback I get is always welcome but most people like the pictures in pencil because it allows me to put in as much detail as I or my clients want. The popularity is also fuelled by the fact that people don't have to worry about the picture having to match the colour scheme of the decor in the room.


Most of my work tends to be by commission some of which can be seen on the commissions page. They are popular so, please, if you want to commission me, leave plenty of time for the sketching. I have a range of prints available and am also able to press my own artworks onto great quality mugs and even beer steins that comfortably hold a cold pint of your favourite ahem.............beverage!!


I pride myself on researching the subject to be drawn to ensure accuracy and have, believe me, undertaken some strange requests such as a client who wanted a portrait of himself in an SS Officers uniform. I'm happy to sketch most things not just military subjects so please, feel free to just ask. I am also happy to create caricatures and cartoons and am available for commercial design work as can be seen on the westminster Coin Collection page on the site.


I work full time as a Health & Safety professional so sadly, in no way can my artwork be considered as enough to provide me with a living but, I get fantastic satisfaction from the happiness that my work seems to bring!! As the homepage says I try to provide fantastic artwork at really great prices. Feel free to contact me to discuss any ideas you may have.


Tight Tracks and Fear Naught




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