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Armoured Farmer - A Tankies Tale.

In 2007 I finally finished 'My Book' and it was published. It is printed 'on demand' so won't go out of print with Woodfield publishing.


What's it about?

I designed the book to recount the true and sometimes comic tales involved in my 15 years serving with the Westcountries own armoured regiment - The 3rd Royal Tank Regiment (The Armoured Farmers) during the cold war. Most of the tales are injected heavily with my humour and, a soldiers language is, to say the least, at times very colourful. Even though I've used my memories, the concept is to awaken the memories which others may have laid to one side, about the madcap antics they themselves got upto!

I have also written the book in such a way that it starts, as I did, as a Junior Leader which provides explanations on the tank and life on a tank so, the reader begins training in effect with me. I found this helps even the complete layman understand and enjoy the book aswell as enthusiasts who were never fortunate to have served on these mighty beasts.

I have also attempted to illustrate the book with my own cartoons.



I've had nothing but compliments emailed to me over the years and, I've now opened a customer comments page to put peoples thoughts and comments onto. The worst review I ever had was a complaint from a chap who was asked by a tram conductor to stop reading the book as his laughter was annoying other passengers!! Strange but true!!


How to order?

Occasionally (rarely) I buy a few copies in for sale - signed to the public but, to order please click on the picture below to go to the woodfield publishing website where the book is to be found. If you wish your copy to be signed by all means post it to me with a SAE for return or, bring it to me at one of the shows I attend - diary in my musings page and I'll gladly sign it for you.


Anyway, I hope you buy a copy and enjoy reading it.






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