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Many thanks in advance





March 2019 - I'm proud to introduce a great guy to you, this is Fred Preston. Through Facebook and Our Regimental Page for 3rd Royal Tank Regiment I got to know Fred's daughter Sharon.

Some time ago I presented to a veteran of 3RTR, who lived through this infamous battle, an original sketch of B Sqn, 3RTR during day 1 of Operation Goodwood in 1944 where the Regiment advanced on well prepared German Positions as part of 'Monty's' plan to break out of the Normandy pocket and advance then taking Caen. 3 RTR suffered massive losses that first morning then regrouping to resume the advance.

Through Sharon I learned that Fred was also a veteran actually there in a recconnaisance role right through Normandy and until the end of WW2 with C. Squadron 3RTR.

I decided nothing would be more apt than to present the picture of a C Squadron Sherman and Sherman Firefly above to Fred having signed and dedicated it to him and for posterity within the care of his family. The photo shows Fred displaying his medals earned during that terrible time including his Légion d'Honneur Medal recently presented to him by the French Government with my original sketch which, though now a victim of dementia, prompted him to exclaim how he remembers Goodwood as here, he starts to raise his hand in a salute.

Thankyou for being there Fred, in the nations moment of need you bravely stood up to be counted, part of that brave band of men, a breed apart, Tankies and, you're still part of that crew!! 


For those interested the Goodwood pictures are still available on the prints page either individually or as a set of three.


November 2018 - Matt took advantage of my buy 3 get one free offer on Prints and sent me this message after receiving them.


Afternoon Malcy,
Prints arrived yesterday and they look awesome, really great work, very happy indeed. Will definitely be ordering some more.
Thanks again

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From the Happy buyer Keith ex 4th Royal Tank Regiment - I inserted a 'Chinese eye' and 4RTR Capbadge for him.


Hi Malc, have mine framed now looks great - Thumbs up!!

Little bit of a competition here, two clients have sent me photos of the walls where they happily display their collection of my work!! Firstly this is Mark's wall.


Then Simon and Paula have a wall full of Tigers - Paula's particular passion..........complete with special commissions I've completed for them. One of the commissions was by Simon, a pair of Tiger Tanks as his wedding gift to her request bless 'em.

Allan and Christine - two happy customers proving that the new ordering and payment system works fine and that the products arrive in one piece!! Glad you're happy guys!!

Again - Happy customers - Neil and Mandy - thanks for the order and glad you're happy!! 

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