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Malcy's musings

This is where I will enter any news I have - a sort of blog and diary. I'll put any events and dates of shows I'll be appearing at so please keep checking back.


In 2017 and now 2018 I have surprisingly not attended TankFest at Bovington Tank Museum. This is mainly down to two reasons:

1. The museum have decided that indoor traders may now only trade in the Tank Story Hall and not the entrance where people were used to finding me. This is of course their perogative however, there is not sufficient footfall in this hall during events to facilitate the sales I need to cover my costs in stocking my artworks and ceramics etc and hopefully make a bit of profit on top. If the Royal Tank Regiment Regimental shop is in attendance they do take a very limited supply of my products with them but, I can't stress enough - LIMITED.


2. Last year also saw me relocate back to my hereditary homeland - The Westcountry so, time being so limited I was unable to move house while ensuring I was in a position to manufacture the stock I'd need to satisfy my loyal fans.


The future?

I hope to return to catch up with my friends at the museum but, to do so will mean me finding a method of being able to trade outdoors in the traders area near the entrance. Tents always sound great until you sell loads of paper based items such as my prints. However, now I'm based in the Westcountry, it does open up a whole new area to trade in so, if you organise an event or know of someone who does, and you think it may be worth my while to trade there, why not drop me an email? Who knows? Perhaps I could be trading near you soon!!





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