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The Royal Tank Regiment Page

I've now put two new Challenger 2 prints on this page as I feel I've somewhat neglected what is, frankly the best Main Battle Tank in the world. So I've sketched what I believe are two aspects to show it at it's best and I hope you like them.

1918-2018 Heralds 100 years since WW1 ended. The 'War winning machine' the Tank of my beloved Royal Tank Regiment saw out the end of the war and the Regiment itself would now have a fight to survive planned cuts to the Army where, even then, some short sighted General Officers in the War Office thought that the Tanks should disappear from sight leaving a return to 'Horse'. That, however was not to be and, the Tank Corps exists today as The Royal Tank Regiment - The oldest Tank Unit in the world.


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Some of the designs here are featured on other pages across my site but, I've grouped all the Royal Tank Regiment designs on this page so that all 'Tankies' can head straight for home to find all Regimental stuff under the one roof.


A NOTE TO SERVING MEMBERS of the Regiment and veterans.

There are more designs for Mugs, Steins and Prints than displayed here available from the Regimental PRI shop at Tidworth - please check with them before ordering from the site - that way you'll save postage!!!

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