A very warm welcome to MalcyArt

                                        Website last updated: 8th August 2017

A huge welcome both to my returning existing customers and to the new visitors among you who hopefully will like my sketching and maybe even buy some to start your own collection.

Please, If you enjoy your visit - feel free to 'Like' on the Facebook button or 'Tweet' using the buttons!! Spread the word to your friends and acquaintances who may find my works and site of interest.

I'm not sure if disposing of the shopping cart was, in fact a good idea as sales have certainly dipped a bit in the last 12 months from the website. That said, from the feedback that people have given, people seem to find it easier to just email me and arrange what they want to buy then transfer the money by paypal or, if they bank on the internet - by a bank transfer. People are now happily ordering in this manner and seem pleased with how easy it is and, of course, I've not failed on an order yet!!

 So that's how this site now works, please select the page you'd like to view on the left and, if you see something you'd like to buy,  Simply email me and I'll arrange your order as quickly as possible. Each page will clearly display images I've sketched or created and the products they are available on - They are all exclusively my work so, this is actually the only place you can buy them.

Each image has a #No for easy reference. Select which product you'd like the image putting on, Check the prices on the Product and Purchase page then, price per item will be displayed including any uk postage and also how much it will cost across the world zones.

I am still happy to ship all over the world but, will have to quote postage for multiple items on enquiry from any potential buyer.


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